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   Emerging technologies demands new type of innovation, 

creativity and execution at its core. 


Solid success is not something to find, but to unfold. 

Unfold Media Group is a boutique consulting firm. We don’t specialize in one specific sector. Our consultants jump between industries. Interdiciplinary is key in our domain. We work together with our clients to deliver vision, thought leadership and effective solutions as we adapt to the changes in our social and digital environments.


We focus on bringing new technology platforms to market, specializing in Digital Platform Design, Exponential Technologies, Data Analytics and Automation.

We strongly believe that most companies are in need of an entrepreneurial mindset to help them innovate. During our innovation sprints we put a strong focus on injecting startup culture into the organisation. We work for those companies that are challenged by big changes in their ecosystem, or those that want to make a dent in the universe themselves.

Our innovation tools help to copy business principles from one industry to the other. Together we look for the most suited way to test your innovative business case in a real market context.

Meet Some of Our Clients
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